Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have a tadpole. Dang Mangums. The Mangums are our neighbor friends that we like to play jokes on. For Ross's birthday we got him a tadpole. It was appropriate because he and Jamey were both on their OBGYN rotations and you know what a tadpole looks like (that is also how he got his name, at least we think it's a him). 

We wrapped him up in a Victoria Secret bag because 1) it's what we had at the house 2) it was pink and 3) he'd think that was joke before he got to the real surprise. It worked! I like this picture because you can just see how much he's hoping that's not what we really gifted him. They put him in an old pretzel container and he performed tricks for us that night.

Jamey's birthday was 2 weeks after Ross's and we knew we'd be in for it. I was praying they didn't get us a rodent. After an exciting game or two of cornhole (1st time ever the Prices had a cornhole victory over the Mangums!) Jamey opened his present. And those jerks regifted Flagella!   

After a month of living in the same pretzel jar on our kitchen table/counter/wherever he'd be out of the way, we broke down and bought him a real home this weekend. And he has a permanent place in our front room. We figured since he's starting to morph he gets his big boy digs.

Can you see his legs? I tried to get a close up but he's not very accommodating. They were just little twigs last week but now he has knees! He's getting little armbuds too. So ya, that's Flagella.


Amber said...

Addie! I think that is hilarious. I love that you pulled a prank, and a funny one too.

Laura Day said...

Hahahahaha! LOVE IT:) Also I wanted to say congrats on riding with no hands.. . . but alas it wouldn't let me comment. Anywho I am real jealous that you have accomplished this great talent in this life:)

engquist said...

I love that this story involved Ross and Jill! It made me so sad when we moved and couldn't hang out with them anymore. You guys are just the best!