Monday, April 30, 2012

worst tease

My family stopped in for a very short stay last night. It was the happiest 20 minutes of my life (lately). Seriously, I was so excited for them to come. My mom, grandma, auntie, and sis-in-law were driving from Vegas/Utah all the way to DC and made us a pit stop. They originally planned to be here yesterday at 6 pm. I went grocery shopping so Jamey could cook a wonderful meal for them. Then after they'd been through a blizzard and wind storm it sadly got pushed to 10 pm. I called at 9:20 pm to see how close they were and they weren't even to Indainapolis yet! Over 4 hours to go! I was completely heartbroken but told myself I'd rather be me than them in the car for 18+ hours that day. They hit some more crazy weather and have a GPS with a sick sense of humor. I went to bed and they finally rolled in at almost 3 am. We talked excitedly for maybe 20 mins and then everyone needed to crash. I couldn't fall back asleep though. I was too happy to see them here in my house in Ohio!! It's the stuff dreams are made of. I set my alarm for an hour earlier than I needed, got dressed and ready for the day, then snuck down to the basement and crawled in bed with my mom to just be close to her for awhile. Jamey and I left for school before they were gone and I've been homesick the rest of the day. What a terrible tease that was! Luckily, I'll see them again this weekend for a real visit! I'm holding on to that. I'm horribly impatient though.

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