Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poor Petey

Pete is my mom's dog. She got him from the Swap Meet in 08, so he's like an almost 4 year old mutt. He's playful and cuddly and loyal and a total love. And most the time he drives me crazy wanting me to throw the stupide ball! Petey is now blind. Just last weekend they noticed he was clingy and timid and they could poke his eye and he wouldn't flinch. First to the vet, Pete can't see. Then referred to a dog opthamologist, both of his retinas are torn in half and folded over each other. How does this happen?? By playing with his favorite toy, a set of plastic keys that he would thrash from side to side. The jostling just ripped them up! Unbelievable. So not only is he blind but he doesn't get his favorite toy anymore. Poor boy. On to California where the only dog eye surgeon practices who will do this type of surgery. His left eye was too far gone to be saved. It's been too long and has too much scar tissue. He'll never see out of it again. The right eye is operable. He had the surgery yesterday and already his vision is being restored. Gertie has been good to him and was assuming the role of Guide Dog, Pete would have to get around by sniffing and following her closely so as not to get lost and be scared and alone. But he's on the mend. When Mom first told me I couldn't believe she would spend all that money on a dog, but then again, it's Petey and so it's a different story.


Rachelle said...

What's the deal with the dogs in our family? Maybe we should ask, what is the deal with the dog owners in out family.

Peg said...

Jeff says it is now a contest who spends the most on our dogs. And funny thing but would your mom or me spend this much on you kids? Just a thought.

lynne said...

and i say yes you would peggy and you just seems like alot spent on the dogs cuz its been such a short time....where as the kids helloooo its a life time. :) yea rachelle, i do wonder myself what the deal is with our 4 legged friends cuz it certainly couldnt have anything to do with ya think?