Monday, February 20, 2012

we're anticlimactic

No pics from Vday this year. I guess that's what happens now that we're married. I did wear pink though. We spent the entire day apart, me at school & work, Jamey at school standing in line for Drake tickets to sell later and make mucho moolah off 'em. We woke up & I threw Jamey's present & card at him while he was still trying to snooze. I'd stashed it under the bed the night before. He got a coupon file. See? Romantic. Then he ran downstairs to grab mine. I now have a date with a mani/pedi. Thank you Groupon. (He was relieved that he'd taken the time to put it together the night before so he had it ready for me!) He made me breakfast again. I hope this will be a lifelong tradition. I got pink french toast and a delicious Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks (that says love because he hates spending $4 on the thing). Jamey took the Elders out for dinner since he couldn't take me. When I finally got home after 9 I think we watched a movie?? Then I made him go on a scavenger hunt for his real Vday gift, some sweatpants he wanted. He was so tired that usually he'd have loved the game but it was pure torture for him, which made me enjoy it all the more. He was surprised so I guess I win.


Lexi said...

I'm pretty sure you guys are my favorite couple. Coupons, groupons, etc. do either of you realize that you both are going to be doctors? That's why you're my favorites (newlywed category)

Tricia Jeanne said...

Maybe we're just a boring old married couple too, but that sounds like a pretty good v-day to me! :)