Wednesday, February 1, 2012

all around a good day

Jamey was waiting for a package to arrive today. The UPS man came while we were sitting on our couch with our front door open. (The back door was open too, but that's not exactly relevant to the story. But just so you know, it happens to be February 1st and it was a delightful high-50s today, maybe hit 60? can't be sure) Jamey was so excited he popped up and grabbed it and came back in super confused. The package was for ME! But I didn't order anything. Didn't matter. Still for me. I opened it up and there were some lovely cakebites from the Sweet Tooth Fairy, but no card. What a wonderful mystery! Turns out, they were an early birthday present from my cousin because she was thinking about it and didn't want to forget. hahaha Fine by me!! Happy Birthday Month to me!

...Jamey's package came later and he was happy.

The weather's been so nice I've been running outside this week. I've also completed Day 3 of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. Ha! Me doing a workout video, I know. Ridiculous. I'm so sore!! My girlfriend lent me the tape and some weights to see how I liked it before I invested. I tried the 5s for like 4 seconds before I downgraded to the 3s. I'm a wuss. I'm going to try and keep with it and hopefully at some point I'll just lose the feeling in my limbs so it won't hurt anymore. And just so you know. I'm not doing the diet with the video, just the video. I ate an entire banana split yesterday about 20 minutes before I did the workout and didn't even feel a twinge of guilt.

Also on the news end, my profile has been approved and you can see it with the little "I'm a Mormon" link over on the sidebar. It's not everything about my faith, just a bit to whet your appetite. But I love all the other stories on there. I can sit for hours reading and watching those.

We went to see STOMP tonight for free at school. It was a lot of fun, even if the innertube number put me to sleep. I think it was just so rhythmic that I didn't stand a chance.

And that concludes this very long update.


lynne said...

Addie, what a wonderful article you wrote for I am a Mormon. It will make a difference to someone who reads it. Your testimony is strong and so sweet. To have your strength at such a young age and staying strong to that which you know, has gotton you to where you are very proud of you and love you!!!! Had to be Rachelle who sent the goodies, she is the best....its going to be a HAPPY Birthday in 23 days

Chantelle said...

I agree with aunt lynne, your profile is wonderful! I've had making a profile on my to-do for awhile, and you've inspired me to finally get it done. love you!

Rachael said...

you are great!