Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It was 69 degrees today. That's almost 70. Sure, it came with a tornado warning, but even so it was welcome. And do you know what 70 degree weather means?? A bike ride!! Jamey got the tires fixed up yesterday and today we went for a lovely ride through the neighborhood. I say lovely because the word makes James cringe & it was killing him to go so slow. I don't know the last time he just took a leisure ride and didn't gear up for a "real" ride, so whatever, it was good for him. I still don't have a helmet (who would've thought I'd need it this soon?) so I wore Jamey's and he went without. Good man. I don't know at what point in my life I became so adamant about helmets because my parents never made me wear one when I was little- sure my mom wouldn't let me cross the street, but she didn't make me wear a helmet. Maybe it came when I started riding motorcycles, it's just stupid to not wear one. Who needs a brain? Me. So you can laugh all you want but I won't be the one in a hospital bed with brain trauma.

I love my bike.


engquist said...

You officially had warmer weather in Ohio than we did in Cyprus...something is wrong with the cosmic order!

Tyson and Jen said...

you crack me up! im so about helments now too. werid. tyson went snowboarding last weekend and i was like 'wear a helmet'. ha! we didnt. and he lived. whatev. anywhos happy you love your bike! :)

lynne said...

awh excuse me.....back in the day you kids were just kids, helmets werent even thought of for bike riding. if they were we missed the newsflash. now we know the dangers, so if you were a kid now you know you would be using the dorkiest helmet you!!!