Friday, March 25, 2011

When Jamey met Addie

(it's a long one, but you asked for it)
Sunday 19 Sept: It was my 1st Sunday in my new ward. Jamey sat behind me in Sacrament meeting & he remembers thinking, "Hmm...that girl has nice hair, but I bet her face isn't that pretty." I guess he didn't want to get his hopes up. We met offically in the hallway. He was talking with another guy and when I walked by he stopped midsentence and started talking to me instead. Not awkward at all. We walked together to Relief Society/Priesthood & he got my number before we parted ways.

That next week: He texts me and invites me to a bunch of things & I decline them all. My family was still in town & I was doing a lot of my 1st week Pharmacy School stuff & just didn't make the time.

Saturday 25 Sept: Our I liked him. We traipsed around campus after the game even though he had a test he was supposed to be studying for (story of our lives)

That next week: more texting, a few surprise meetings on campus. My girlfriends & I saw him in the parking lot one day & when I ran to meet up with them they turned & said, "Who was that? He's hot Addie! You need to date him!" I told them all no.

Sunday 3 Oct: General Conference. We spent the full day together, our 1st of many all-dayers. Also, the 1st time we cuddled and held hands (under the blankets of course) I remember laughing a lot that day.

Wednesday 6 Oct: Remember this day? While my girl was in the hospital, Jamey & I had our 1st kiss.

The next 2 months: I deny that I'm totally falling for him. I talk myself in & out of everything. I still go out with other guys. I talk to my friends back home about why this is crazy. And yet, I always end up with him.

Wed 24-28 Nov: After a little convincing, I spend Thanksgiving with Jamey & his family in Palmyra (where his mom is serving her mission) & we have our 1st "DTR" in the Johnson's home. It consisted of my saying, "Nuh-uh! I haven't gone out with another guy in 2 weeks! I'm only dating you."

The next while: I have a lot of fun letting myself fall in love.

Christmas Break: miss Jamey like crazy. That was a new experience for me, I usually have more of the, "I like you & all, but I'm with my family & I'll see you when I get back" attitude. We talked almost everyday, if we didn't talk, we texted. Jamey ran out of minutes.

Wed 29 Dec: Jamey came back early from his Christmas vacation in Palmyra to be the one to pick me up from the airport. That evening, he told me he loved me. (and I said it back)

Fri 21 Jan: Fly to Orlando for a weekend getaway. Downtown Disney & Universal Studios, most importantly: HARRY POTTER LAND!!! It really was magical. I love butterbeer.

Sun 23 Jan: Wake up early early early & drive an hour to Daytona Beach to watch the sunrise. HE PROPOSES! Right there, with the entire beach to ourselves, the sun just above the horizon, & me completely caught by surprise. One of the most perfect moments of my life.

And that's our story. -ish.


Michelle said...

Oh my gosh! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing the condensed version of you and jameys story. How romantical! Can wait to meet him. He sounds perfect for you!

Haylie said...

I love this story! :)

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miffy said...

How fun to hear your story! Congrats Addie!! He's one lucky guy. I'm so happy for you both!