Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something Extraordinary

At the very 1st meeting of the Relief Society, President Emma Smith said, "We are going to do something extraordinary." And I'm a part of that. I am one member (of over 6 million in 170 countries) of one of the oldest & largest women's organizations in the world! That is humbling & inspiring. (How can something be both? It is what it is.)

We had our ward Relief Society Birthday Party tonight. It was so much fun, complete with delicious food & better friends. I am a firm believer that women need women, & I am so grateful to have this Organization to associate with such wonderful girls that inspire me & laugh with me & to just enjoy their company & friendship. To think I moved out to Ohio knowing NO ONE, & now have such a fantastic network of women to share faith & fun with. I am blessed.

*This is a great little article (by Sheri Dew) on the history and purpose of Relief Society. Fantastic.

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