Monday, September 6, 2010

I love Lortab

It's my 4th day on the happy little pills, blessed narcotics. As much as I detest taking medicine, I am sure glad there is some good stuff to go around when I'm in the most excruciating & unrelenting pain of my life. They say passing a kidney stone is like child birth. I think next time, I'll take childbirth. You get an epidural to numb your lower abdomen (though there's still some discomfort sure) AND you get a baby at the end! Way better than calcium build-up the size of a grain of rice, if that.

Sweet opioids, thank you for taking the edge off the pain, making me drowsy enough to sleep through the rest, & providing me with a state of mind that makes the whole thing comical.

PS- Rachelle, I love you too.


The Holts said...

oh Addie, I am SOOO sorry for you!! I have never had a kidney stone, but I hear BAD things about them. :( Drink lots of water in the futuro little miss. Love ya and enjoy the Lortab.

Rachelle said...

Im sorry to say this...but I am REALLY secretly happy you had a kidney stone. Now someone I love can relate to my pain. But, I am also SO glad that you are feeling better. I really dont think there is anything worse. Next time...go to the ER, they will give you even better drugs;)

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

oh my goodness! i hear those are awful and sorry you had to endure that!

Breanne said...

What a horrid thing! But I did laugh through most of this post. Yay for calcium build up!