Saturday, September 25, 2010


We were reviewing some sweet stereochemistry in biopharmacy yesterday & so of course went over the subject of enantiomers- 2 molecules that are non-superimposable mirror images of each other (i.e. your left & right hand look the same but aren't) I came home & was organizing my computer & came across this pic

& laughed realizing that my mom & I are enantiomers. Exactly the same, but definitely our ownselves...somehow. The way our bodies sit in this candid looks the same! I was shocked to see how much I act like my mom without knowing it (it's a good thing Mom! don't worry)


Rachelle said...

We have such great mammas! I often look in the mirror in the mornings (naked) and think, "I'm my mom!". Yes Mom, it's a good thing!

Benjamin Cragun said...

I love your mom. You are so similar, and it is so awesome. I have a little experience in looking and acting exactly like one of my parents, so I must agree with you. It is fantastic.

Rachel said...

I may have been lost on the enantiomers, but I definately got the same but different spill. You definately are your mothers daughter. I thank heaven every day that I am my mother's daughter too! Hope it's ok to keep up on your blog - Melinda and her mom (gotta love all these moms) got me on to all of you guys! Good luck in school - mom says she's rooting for you! BTW - this is not some random Rachel, this is Aunt Georgia's youngest!