Sunday, September 5, 2010


As I've mentioned before, this summer has turned me into a Pawn Stars fan, my favorite character being Chumlee. I can't help it, whenever he's on screen I giggle. Whether he's really the village idiot or just playing it up for TV, I don't care, I think he's so funny.

Now it's the family joke that I wish he was my new boyfriend. Truth be told, if he asked I wouldn't hesitate to go out on the town for a night! (though I don't think he'd know what to do with a little Mormon girl! ha)

Maybe a t-shirt for Christmas will suffice...

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Trevor said...

bahahaha! Addie, i have been watching Pawn Stars ALL day (Labor Day marathon) i love this show always and Chum is my favorite too! seriously way too funny of a character. anyways, how have you been? how is Ohio treating you?