Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tourist in my home town

No, I didn't wear the mega-camera around my neck, or sport rad Mickey Mouse ears, but I DID have a fabulous time with one of my best friends doing a little non-traditional Vegas sight-seeing.

oh ya! we went to the Pawn Shop (AS SEEN ON TV!!)
unfortunately, no Chum Lee

got a pic with the mortar though! that was the 1st episode I saw

Bre w/her homies. she runs w/a mixed crowd...

in all my 25 years, this is my 1st pic with this sign. thanks Bre

after many failed attempts I finally introduced Bre to Luv-itz

best frozen custard that only the locals know about

Other activities included swimming, shopping (ahem), seeing Eclipse (a silly tradition for us), eating (a favorite pastime for sure), Redbox, and laughing nonstop. Sorry we missed you Ash, but thanks Bre for the fun!!


AEJones said...

Baaaaaaah. Only slightly jealous. So glad you guys had fun! :)

Nancy said...

I want LUVITS!!! Looks like you didn't get the western special, though? That's my favorite.