Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bathroom Decor

Since I'm a big girl now & have my own place (well signed my own lease, even if I haven't quite moved in yet) I have been having a ball DECORATING! (please imagine saying the word decorating with the verbal equivalent of jazz hands)

But I am stumped on my bathroom.

How do you decorate a bathroom?? The options are minimal. I didn't want to do blue because, hello? how unoriginal is that? What's in a bathroom? Water. it should be blue, or seafoam, or the like? And I hate seashells so count all that out. And yellow? NO WAY! Why don't I just make it look like there's pee all over the floor with a nice pale yellow mat? No thank you. Unfortunately, I've just about covered all the typical options out there. I found some awesome towels that I fell in love with that are brown, with blue. So now the dilemma-do I go blue for the accessories?? To go brown  towels, mats, shower curtain seems so dark & I can't go cream because that's the color of the counters & it would just look bleh. So I'm back to blue, exactly what I pledged I wouldn't do.

Life is just so hard.


Benjamin Cragun said...

There's always turquoise. JAZZ HANDS

AEJones said...

Hmmm... bathrooms are tough. I would recommend a green plant... fake, of course. A small green plant in a bathroom is just nice. And, multiple mirrors on the wall - it makes it lighter.