Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A shaved schnoodle

My poor Gertie's been sheared!! It's SOOOO sad!! She's been so hot in this Las Vegas summer that we thought we'd be nice & lighten her load a bit. I took her to the groomer telling them I want to keep her schnauzer face with a trim everywhere else. I made a point of telling them not to let her look stupid as she's cute as a button now. This is what I got.

What were they thinking??? After taking a few minutes to laugh uncontrollably, I made them take that mess off the rest of her. I mean, did they seriously think I would subject her to a life looking this way??

So now my pup looks like a little sheared lamb, & I've taken to calling her lambchop. Her face is still as cute as ever though.

I guess every kid needs at least 1 bad haircut, right?

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AEJones said...

Try saying that ten times fast... shaved schnoodle... shaved schnoodle... :)