Monday, July 12, 2010


Yes. I am here! Not for good, but for now. I found my apartment today & did some sight-seeing as well. Here are some pics because I know you're just dying to see! Everything is so GREEN, & I've decided that I MUST invest in a bike to fully enjoy my 4 years.

my new apartment!! BEAUTIFUL!

driving w/Uncle Tom...I forgot I'd zoomed the camera ha

a nice drive-by of my soon-to-be school

the Children's Hospital where I hope to work/intern

Uncle Tom & the Columbus, OH LDS Temple

the beautiful campus & 1 of its future students!


AEJones said...

OH MY GOODNESS ADDIE JOYCE LYMAN!!! I can't believe it!! Your apartment looks absolutely darling!!! :) EEHH!! I'm seriously squealing for your right now! You have no idea how excited I am to see you in just a few weeks. I'm counting down the days. We have SO much to talk about. We can't let so much time go between talking. Love you and am SO stinking happy and excited for you! OHHHIIIOOOO!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the apartment! It's so cute! Glad that you love it already. :)

Nicole Johansen said...

How nice to have found a place! Can't wait until the East can claim you!!

HeatherLucile said...

ADDIE! This is all so exciting! I am glad we got to see you for a minute this summer! Good luck with everything! Let's play in the East!