Sunday, June 6, 2010

I believe I can, I knew I could

A theme in life of late has been, "I can do hard things."

It was talked about in General Conference, my friends have mentioned it, we say it to inspire & motivate one another. But man, it's hard when you really have to sit yourself down, look yourself in the eye, & say to yourself (maybe repeatedly) "I CAN do hard things."

You know those struggles that come in & out like the tide? Right now I'm dealing with one of those- hoping that I really can overcome, that it's not just talk, ya know?

In my search for strength, I found this talk from President Faust (ya, I ripped his title again, he's just so good at it!) Now, I'm determined to be The Little Engine That Could. I think I'll wear blue this week to remind me!

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