Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delilah- Love Someone

I LOVE DELILAH. She's another one of my guilty pleasures, along with Neil Diamond & Celine Dion  :)

Whenever I'm driving at night I always check the clock to see if it's 9:00 yet so I can turn her on my radio. She's kept me company so many nights, it's like she's one of my girlfriends. I'll need to make sure she'll be in Ohio with me when I go, then I won't have to be homesick!

My mom doesn't care for her & constantly makes fun of me for listening. I love it best when my guy friends admit they listen in too. I've tried converting a few to her show, one listen is all it takes. It's so mushy & sappy & corny sometimes, & that's why I love it, because it's real. With all the misery we see everyday on the news & in entertainment, I love to turn on her show & hear the nation's stories of love, hope, courage, & devotion.

I always smile. Sometimes I'll cry.

Sometime this week tune in & "love someone"


PEG said...

I can't believe that you would blog about

Michelle said...

That just made me laugh!:) I also like to listen in on Delilah whenever I'm traveling at night. Soft Rock is great! Jazz on the other hand.............j/k

Anonymous said...

where would we be in this world without delilah or neil or Celine. Oh, Celine...if only someone had over 150 of her greatest hits to sing along with on road trips. :) he he

AEJones said...

Ha ha ha. I forsee a "Sleepless in Seattle" moment with Delilah in your life... you'll be driving along singing "Harses Harses Harses!" and all of a sudden a man is going to be on the phone talking about his lonely life... he is a doctor, 29 years old, tall, handsome, and looking for a RX wife. ;) PERFECT!! I LOVE YOU! :)