Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 week from TODAY

I graduate in 1 week! I see my family in 1 week! I move home in 1 week! I am that much closer to my future in 1 week!! I had my exit interview with the Chemistry Dept.Chair yesterday afternoon, and now I'm ready to go! (except I keep forgetting that I do have 2 finals I need to take sometime, ah well, can't do anything about that til tomorrow) I met with Dr. Farnsworth though, & he's like 1 of the 3 Chemistry professors I've never spoken with. Figures. But that was ok because it kept it short & sweet. I sold my textbooks back this morning, stood in the line for nearly an hour, I planned on an hour, & was pleased when it only really took 45 minutes, & they even brought around candy bars for us while we waited (I stashed mine for later he he he)


Amanda said...

yay! 1 week!!!

Michelle said...

I'm so excited for you! And I was going to comment in your last post that you and "your friend" are little RENEGADES!hahaha I can't believe a good little mormon girl like you would do such a thing on the freeway.haha So it was SOOOOO good seeing you for a minute the other day. I forgot how much I missed my little Addie! We should definitely make it a point to hang out more. You can even bring "your friend" with you each time, he seemed pretty cool! Love ya! Congrats on graduating!

Nicole Johansen said...

Congratulations Addie!! I'm so happy for you! Have fun graduating! And thanks so much for the message the other day - it totally made me smile!!