Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear World, I GRADUATED!!

What fun! Thursday & Friday are a blur of a memory, but I know I will cherish those days forever! Thursday morning was torturous waiting for the clock hands to move so it could be time to start getting ready for the big event...then the momentum took my breath away!

met up with the best girlfriends before Commencement

Thanks Tati for the awesome pic!

me & Luke w/the Coug. it was a perfectly gorgeous day

do you see what's in my hand? i kinda had a hard time believing it myself

so lucky to have my family's support & love! thank you!!

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Michelle said...

Addie, I'm SOOOO proud of you! That is so awesome! Why did you not get a picture with you and "your friend"???? So Tom has filled out quite a bit since I've seen him last (in a good way, isn't that what he's always wanted?)! Tell him he's turned into quite the hottie!!! Now he could be a real Abercrombie and Fitch model! Love you guys!