Tuesday, January 22, 2013

for me, hell would be an icicle

I can brave the cold, I can tough it out, I can wear layers upon layers of socks, sweaters, mittens, and scarves...but I will never like it. Actually, I take that back. I like it when it's snowing outside and I'm inside in my pajamas under a blanket watching a movie or reading a book or baking. With the heater on. But not outside. I will never like the cold outside. The first week back from Christmas vacation I got up and ready early to start my errands. I left a solid 20 minutes to defrost and scrape my car. I knew it was a foot and a half under snow, but I didn't know there were 3 inches of ice under the snow. I broke the scraper, then the windshield wiper. Then I went back inside. There was no snow, no ice, no frost today, just the bitter cold. I take showers, and I can't get them hot enough. If I don't come out looking like a lobster it was a waste. I can walk barefoot on Las Vegas asphalt in the summer (or used to could). I love the feeling of sweating from every pour on my body while basking in the sun next to a pool. But I don't like the cold. You couldn't pay me enough to visit Antarctica. I would ask why you hate me so?


The Wiser Side said...

Love the Heat sista!!!

lauren said...

my showers are never hot enough either. sometimes i take baths with landon and he'll say, "too hot momma! too hot!" i don't turn down the temperature. i just kick him out of the bath. seriously.