Tuesday, December 4, 2012

online shopping

I love sitting in my pajamas doing my Christmas shopping. Since moving to Ohio I've stopped enjoying my outings to the mall. It's not fun without Grandma there to look in stores like The Kitchen Sink or to tell me I that yes I can/should/will wear those shoes that my mother will hate. It takes the fun out of it when Mom's not there for me to spite by buying something she says is ugly and watching her roll her eyes, and then we go get a lemonade in the Food Court. No fun anymore. So I'm liking the online shopping. Jamey really introduced me to the wonders of Amazon. Bless him for that. Before I only used it for used textbooks, how naive I was. And free shipping lets me feel justified in buying more, so I'm really not saving money in the end. But I feel like I am and that is all that matters. And I didn't have to get dressed, that matters too.

And yes, that is what I've done instead of studying this evening. And I feel great about it.

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Chantelle said...

Since you don't have a new post, I just blog stalked you back to the summer we worked at the ranch!! Mwahhahaha. Love you. Post more.