Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was spent in the hills/forest/woodlands of North Carolina. It was beautiful! It was cold enough at night to sit (and sleep) in front of the fire, and warm enough during the day to not need a coat. It was the smallest Thanksgiving of my life, who has ever heard of making the traditional Thanksgiving meal for 4 people?, but I loved it. Mostly because I still got my yams. It was also the latest I have ever eaten Thanksgiving dinner...I think it was about 8:00 when we finally sat down around the table. It kept getting pushed back because of a broken water pipe, then a faulty fryer, then a trip to a store for a meat thermometer that was sold out, but then we found one, I think that was it. I was so ready to eat I could hardly wait for the prayer to be said before I digged in. I know there are a lot of pics here, but they are mostly for my mom to see, you can just skim through what you like. I'm so grateful they drove out from Vegas to share such a memorable Thanksgiving Day together!

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