Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy Labor Day

Yay! A 3 day weekend! It was eventful, a little too much so. But it ended on a very high note with Cedar Point. I love roller coasters and we had a blast. It was a little chilly, windy, and overcast, but it wasn't busy and the longest line we stood in was an hour. Well, 2 hours if you count the Dragster. We were seated within 30 minutes I'd guess. We got to the launch pad and then there was that mechanical turning off sound, I don't know how to write it on here. But it's a very depressing noise. We waited I'd guess about 40 minutes and then it turned on! Hooray! After 4 mechanics came and worked on it. But, then it started to sprinkle and they wouldn't let us go. So we waited another 10-15 and then away we went! At 120 mph in 4 seconds! Amazing. Here's our story in pictures.

We went with some friends, the Robinetts. They have a little carrottop that we watched while they'd ride some thrillers. Cedar Point had this awesome Parent Swap pass so when we'd get off the ride we just hand the conductors a slip of paper and then they'd get to come up through the exit and ride immediately. Genius. So this was Jamey's attempt at babysitting. 

And then as if the day couldn't get any better! On our way out Jamey paid $1 and won me my Minion from The Claw. He used expert precision and got it on the 1st try. I was so proud. And then we ducked our heads and hurried out because there was a little girl trying at the booth next to us and we didn't want to share. We're horrible people.

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lynne said...

you guys are so cute together. Cedar Point! wow so much fun.....miss you and love you both!