Sunday, September 18, 2011

to us

Today is the middle of 2 anniversaries. Yesterday was our 3-month-married-anniversary (we celebrated by watching 2 football games and both my teams lost miserably) & tomorrow is our 1-year-knowing-each-other-anniversary (I'll celebrate that by learning how to stick people with needles. ich)


Michelle said...

Oh, I loved that!!! So cute! Congrats on your 3 month and 1 year anniversaries!

Lexi said...

Okay, seriously, you guys are going to have the cutest babies EVER.

Congrats on putting up with Jamey for a year. You've earned your keys to the celestial kingdom. What are you going to do now?

Just kidding. I adore you both with all of my heart.

john and bre said...

so cute!! you need a baby raspberry :)