Thursday, August 25, 2011

funny word

I was reminded of it last night at a girlfriend's birthday party. It was her present from the Spaghetti Warehouse. SPUMONI. It's funny to me and I giggle every time I think it. You know how songs get stuck in your head? Well this word is like that for me. I've been repeating it to myself subconsciously for the past 20 hours or so. It'd get annoying if it wasn't so funny. The word sounds and looks like it should be a meat- like a gross spam/pepperoni mix. But it's ice cream. Which makes me like it more. And maybe I'm weird but I do actually like pistachio ice cream.


Shelise said...

I just thought about this word the other day. Every time it comes to my mind I think its just the strangest yet cutest word I've ever heard.

Matt and Autumn Stone said...

haha i love pist icecream and just mentioned that last night!