Saturday, January 15, 2011

Who knew studying could be so fun?

Today was my study day. I was up and going by 8:30. I have successfully taken Gertie on 3 walks in the snow, made homemade lima bean soup (my 1st time, it's not quite like Mom's but didn't turn out too bad either), watched 2 movies, ran 2.5 miles (my toes went numb, I think from the cold?), showered, shampooed my carpets again, took out the trash, made buttermilk pie, did the dishes-twice, talked on the phone, caught up with the latest-and-greatest on Facebook, finished off my Chinese leftovers, organized my closet, painted my nails, returned a few emails, and did some online window shopping.

Oh, you didn't see "study" on that list? Weird.


john and bre said...

you are so studious. (I don't even know if I spelled that right?)

Shelise said...

I commented on this the other day but now its not showing up. Either way, I like this post. lol.