Wednesday, January 5, 2011

off to a good start

One of my New Year's goals (though I didn't write it down because it still intimidates me & so if it's not written then I'm not actually committed just in case I decide to back out...) was to be better with technology. Elder Perry counseled the Las Vegas YSA at a fireside this summer to not be left behind with it all. So, ok. I finally got around to replacing my ink cartridges last night in my printer (the alert has only been going off for a month is all) & it broke. I swear it had to be an easy fix so I got online & was doing the whole "Hey look at me go" thing feeling good about myself for trying out my skittish goal. & nothing. I spent 40 minutes with it...& nothing. Well poop. So much for that.

As a bonus I participated in a study for the School of Optometry today, & they put a few dyes in my eyes. The tech rinsed them out for me at the end & told me she got 90% of the dye flushed out (like that was a good thing?) The other 10% was still holding fast to a few dry spots on my eyeballs. Yep, I was the cool kid walking around with bright fluorescent green eyeballs.  Nice.

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