Thursday, January 20, 2011


So I was feeling kinda lame that I did 2 weather posts in a row.
This guy should liven things up.

Last night, I went to listen to the one and only Dr. Patch Adams - maybe you've heard of him? seen the movie? I remember watching it with my Grandpa Heaton & him just giggling the whole way through  (have I mentioned that I love my new school & all the cool events they host? FOR FREE?) It was a mostly hilarious evening, & it felt good to laugh with friends. He mentioned the movie was very TAME in portraying what actually went on in the early days of the clinic. There was nothing they didn't make funny, going as far as to hold "Barf-alongs w/Bulemics!" He loves fart sounds in public, fake poop, he owns the largest pair of underwear in the world, & thoroughly enjoys going through airport security.


john and bre said...

way fun!

AE Jones said...

THAT is really, really cool. THEE Patch Adams? That almost makes you famous! ;)