Friday, July 20, 2012

oh happy day

Let the blog updates begin! First things first, and this is not chronological, my mama got married. She was the most beautiful bride, and not just because I was the one who did her hair and makeup. I wonder if the beauty of the day, because it was a beautiful day, had more to do with my waiting for forever for it to arrive or with it being absolutely perfect. It was an outdoor wedding at the end of June in Las Vegas and I didn't see anyone with sweaty tacos. Who lucks out with weather like that? Jeff's family all came and they completely transformed the backyard to be wedding worthy. Thomas gave her away, I was the Maid of Honor, and one of Jeff's oldest friends married them. Delicious food, beautiful flowers (Mom's bouquet ended up being a gagillion times larger than we anticipated and though it looks lovely and delicate in the pictures, do not be fooled, it weighed more than a pregnant lady carrying twins), family, toasts, sunset, beautiful dress, chocolate covered pretzels and marshmallows, and every other wonderful thing you could possibly think of. And now for pictures (from my phone- Rachelle's blog has fancier ones)



Rachelle said...

Yea! I am able to comment on this post! Loved this night. I love your mom. She is the best!

lynne said...

i wonder why i wasnt able to post on any of the other newly entered ones either... a mystery to be sure but regardless....... im still talking about this day. it was beautiful, your mom, you, the photographer, (awesome job on the pics btw) it couldnt have been more perfect!

We are... said...

What?!?! I LOVE it! So happy for her and your family! Congrats!