Monday, June 4, 2012

Finals Week!

My friend, Amber, nailed it on the head. After leaving 3 comments in one night on her blog she emailed me to ask if it was exam time again and if I was doing my best at procrastinating? Yep! Not that I mean to, I jsut despise memorizing useless facts. The interesting ones I don't mind so much, the ones I see no use for drive me crazy. Today I had to write a paper on "Success and Leadership in Pharmacy" It's a real winner. It is actually something I do care about, but hello? It's the end of the quarter, the sun is out, it is GORGEOUS outside and I want to be anywhere than with my notes and Microsoft Word. While I took a little study break to talk with my mom I decided to get the super glue back out to fix up my cracked thumbnail. I guess I was enjoying talking too much because I ended up gluing two of my fingers together. Genius. That was a boost of confidence for the rest of my exams! Jamey's still at the library studying and I just want to eat pie for dinner. But that would mean I have to go to the store to get some, not worth it. So I'll have a fudgesicle instead.

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The Wiser Side said...

hahaha! I love you so much!! You are a girl after my own heart, from the doing everything else in the world EXCEPT studying (my apt was so clean), to glueing your fingers together (I once super glued my cereal bowl to the table), to eating pie for dinner (Trav ate cheesecake for breakfast on his mission, and I had 5 cookies for my breakfast this morning!)

And I feel so famous-I'm mentioned in your blog!

Good luck on your finals and more good luck to Jamey!