Wednesday, May 30, 2012

long time no news

I'm a boring girl these days. Never thought I'd be looking for more excuses to study, but it's the only way I get to spend any time with Jamey. He is so diligent. As I was laying in bed, alone, the other night (because he was still awake studying) I was so grateful to be married to someone I can admire/respect/want to be like. He is super diligent. He keeps pushing himself and pushing himself to learn/understand/try more. He studies I'd say, on average, 15 hours a day. Definitely atleast 12, sometimes 17! And me, I'd give myself an hour study break for lunch, not him. He just keeps pushing himself and eats his meals infront of his computer. 2 weeks from tomorrow he'll take the test and then he's home free!! YAY! So please everyone, keep him in your prayers as he's doing everything he knows how to succeed that he will have a clear mind and be able to think through all his questions and know the best answers on his 8 HOUR exam. It's gonna be a doozie. But I have complete confidence in him because he knows how to apply himself and how to set goals and accomplish them. I love him.


john and bre said...

That just screams misery! Good luck Jamey!

Rachelle said...

Nate really wants Jamey to pass his test. He has decided for Jamey that he will practice plastic surgery and fix his bald spot.