Monday, March 26, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

I'd like to say that the reason we spent last weekend in DC was to visit family, both of our families. But really it was to see the Cherry Blossoms. And they did not disappoint. I was glad everyone came out, even though some were feeling not so hot, and we all spent the day IN THE SUN with the blossoms. I'm posting pictures now because I just read the guilt trip on Chantelle's blog and figured I'd better. And Spring Break is over which means I should be studying, and suddenly I find the motivation to blog again.

 free cupcake from Sprinkles

it was St. Patrick's Day. Wouldn't you know Thomas & I were the only ones in the entire 10 man group not wearing green? Dang Lymans.

this is how they spent the weekend, together but still only bonding through iPhone games
this is post-discovery of Drawsome


Rachelle said...

Jamey looks like a Rabi in the last picture. I'm glad you are back to "studying". I miss you when you are not back in school and procrastinating studying by blogging.

Lexi said...

That first picture of me is fantastic. So fantastic, it hurts. That bottom picture of me makes me look JUST like my mom. It makes Jamey look JUST like a hobo.

Lexi said...

Also, I'm glad you came when you did. Had you waited until this weekend, you'd be screwed. The wind blew all the blossoms away. Happy 100th year!

Lexi said...

FFFFF. I don't have your cell or your email. Text me your login again to your blog so I can screw with you, okay? Actually, I'm making a better header. Just send me it.

john and bre said...

that beard.