Monday, August 9, 2010

Thunder in the Grand Canyon

My favorite weather is thunder (actually it's the sun, but I don't consider that "weather" I think "weather" is what's out of the ordinary & since I'm from fabulous Las Vegas...sun's normal). Ok, back to THUNDER.

When I see a flash of lightning I hold my breath & start counting til I hear the thunder. I remember when I was little & my big bro would tell me the angels were bowling in heaven- I mean, who doesn't like to bowl? We'd sit on the living room wall & he'd keep a fake score for me so I wouldn't be scared. What a guy. Nowadays, thunder doesn't scare me. It's a little embarrassing but a good wind storm will freak the bijeezies out of me, but  thunder causes me to smile as I listen to the sky shake my bones.

This morning at work we had an AWESOME thunderstorm!! The rain came in hard- so much in fact that we couldn't see the Canyon wall not 10 miles away. The lightning flashed & I couldn't think to start counting before I heard the crack of thunder overhead. It was breakfast time, overcast, with the smell of rain, just a few guests & my doesn't get much better.


Nancy said...

Thunder is so romantic. Love you!

bigDsorensen said...

Tom is such a stud. He takes good care of you.