Monday, May 27, 2013

bye bye frog

When we got back from DC Jamey decided we needed to hold a mini-memorial service for our frog. The Mangums had been taking care of him while we were gone and had put him in this jello box for a coffin. Jamey made the video I posted last week and we set off some roman candles in the the street (I think the entire night was just so the boys had an excuse to shoot those). And then we buried him in our front lawn under his rock from his tank. I must say I am glad we didn't flush him. Since I was little and I learned people just flush their dead fish I've been so grossed out by it. 


Peg said...

You guys are just to good. How many turtles did we have buried in the front yard. And I just watched the video, very touching. Actually kinda got choked up. You know me and that frog did have a little connection when he was growing his arms. Love you

Rachelle said...

Ahhh, seriously touching.If it is any bit consoling, Lukes frog jumped out of his tank and attacked his beta fish.