Friday, October 12, 2012

Flagella part 2

ARMS! Went to bed last night and Flagella had no arms, woke up this morning and he had one. One?? I was so confused. Mostly because it was a fully developed arm. His legs started as sprigs, then got toes/knees and longer and longer. But his arm showed up fully developed, elbows fingers and all. So I looked at the other side and it was weird. I could see his fingers poking against the skin of his chest. I think it must've hurt when they popped out. A couple hours later when I walked by, he had both arms! I wish I'd have seen it come out. Too cool.

I called my mom this morning and she answered right when I saw the arm. I said, "Your grandbaby has arms!!" And she took that literally responding, "YOU'RE PREGNANT?!?!" ahahahahahahaha Nope. She was starting to get teary-eyed while I'm screaming "TADPOLE MOM THE TADPOLE!!!" Soooo funny. It would've been a really mean trick if I'd meant to do it, but since I didn't it's just funny.


Peg said...

HaHa still not funny

Tricia Jeanne said...

OH MY GOSH, that gets me excited too!!!! I guess I am as weird as you, because those are the coolest pictures ever! So happy for your arms!

alysonrobinett said...

Ha ha ha that's hilarious!! Congrats on the arms :)