Thursday, August 2, 2012

things I notice when I'm alone

I like to cook. It's soothing and relaxing and great thinktime for me. I'm not crafty so much but I like to cook.

As grown up and big girl as I am, I'm still afraid of the dark. Sure, I can sleep on my own but I still walk from room to room turning on each successive light.

I like quiet. I don't like the TV being on for hours or listening to music all day long. It makes me grumpy. If I need some background noise I turn on something instrumental only.

I like to be alone, until I don't. Alone time is crucial for my sanity. I need the recharge. 

I don't actually like to paint my nails. I always say I'll do it when Jamey's gone because he hates the smell, but then when I'm alone I still don't do it. 

I hate bad breath. I brush my teeth first thing in the morning always.

I've become a bit codependent. Things I use to do for myself I don't because I have a husband now to do those things so I shouldn't have to. This is the thing I like the least. 

I miss Gertie.


Peg said...

And Gertie misses you!

Peg said...

And Gertie misses you!

bunkbuddies said...

Remember those nights of painting our nails in Chatsworth? haha. I feel the same on about all these things.