Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Kitchen?

Nope. But we did do a little rearranging (that little turned out to be a little too involved) and it feels like a HUGE renovation! YAY!! Our kitchen could make a spelunker feel claustrophobic. But now I'm thinkin we could fit a conga line inside. Jamey suggested it this evening while we were cleaning up dishes and on a whim we moved our fridge from the kitchen to the dining area. A little unorthodox, maybe, but a fantastic decision all around. I don't hate my kitchen now! Yay for me!

 this would be the big surprise. we changed the side the doors open on & Jamey was a champ and got it figured out and done before our goods thawed.

 whenever I see this (yes I can't stop looking) my reaction is take a big deep breath, it feels that good. & just look at all that counter space. I'm so happy I could cry (but I don't do that on a regular basis)

 doesn't look too weird, right? I mean, it's still on tile

 happy, blurry, jumping pictures 
(jumping because we CAN in all the room we now have!)


Rachelle said...

I live for comments on my blog. So I'm assuming you do too. (not really live but I do appreciate those that take the time to do so).

Love your kitchen. I'm hoping Aston I will see it in real life. Remember how I was gonna come out last March?? Do you think we could try to try again? Possibly June.

lynne said...

I cant believe that moving the fridge made such a difference! Looks guys are so ya

engquist said...

Reorganizing and creating space is just about my favorite thing on the planet to do. Andrew tells me I should start my own organizational improvement company or something like that. Happy jumping!!

Chantelle said...

Jamey is such a little handyman! I wish I knew him my freshman year when we wanted to switch the way our fridge opened. Now I know who to call. I can't wait to come see your new kitchen in person :)

Lexi said...

When we were in school, we lived in a 10foot wide trailer. For the first two years, our washing machine was in the kitchen and the dryer was in the shed. It was majestic. I used to make sandwiches on top of it. And I didn't care because it meant extra counter space. Which is the MOST important thing. We have none in this house we're renting now. That's why I don't cook. Unless it's for you. Because I like you a lot.