Sunday, November 27, 2011

Turkey Days

We drove to DC for Thanksgiving & had some fun. Ok, a lot of fun. We stayed with Lexi & Lance & fam & really the time was too short. Drove in Wednesday night (after stopping in for some Cafe Rio) and drove out Saturday afternoon after the OSU vs Michigan game, & maybe another stop by Cafe Rio. It's just so good how could we help ourselves? Now for lots of pictures. Too tired lazy for words.

 how many nephews? wrestling with Uncle Jamey was their favorite

 my 1st Thanksgiving w/homemade cranberry sauce. ha

 turkey bowl

Abby did not care for her Uncle Jamey. loved me though
 the only pic I got of Lexi. at the National Museum of Natural History

basketball at the park

1 comment:

Lexi said...

You freaking took a picture of the cranberry sauce?! Best comment of Thanksgiving:
Lance, "I actually like the cranberry sauce"
Addie, "Yeah, I'm eating it..."


But I guess you had to be there.