Friday, October 28, 2011

Real Burglars

Ward Halloween Party tonight. Jamey & I were racking our brains for the perfect 1st Couple's Halloween costume. Big deal. Last night it came to Jamey in a moment of brilliance! "Real Burglars?" YES. Jamey made my sweater stripey & everything. Unfortunately, only 2 people in our entire ward have seen Drop Dead Fred, and neither of them remember it well. How can this be?? It was a staple of both of our childhoods. Along with Labrynth. Proves we were MFEO. Looks like we'll be having a movie party here in a few weeks to bring everyone up to snuff.

Snotface and Drop Dead Fred

the part we were referencing starts at 1:45, but I promise you won't regret watching the entire clip. or we hear it's on netflix now so you should really watch the whole movie.

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