Monday, June 6, 2011

Wednesday Will Come

Wednesday will be my last day as a 1st year Pharmacy student. I will take my last final exam at 9:30 in the morning. And it cannot come soon enough. I've been repeating the exhausting questions in my mind,  "Is it Wednesday yet?" "When will it come?" "Why can't it be Wednesday?" I love school, I've enjoyed my program, but I am DONE (but not, bc it's not Wednesday, see the problem?) But it reminded me of a talk by Elder Wirthlin awhile back and so I thought I'd share it. Sunday Will Come. I went back and read it and I have more energy now to continue studying and memorizing pointless conversions for my Calculations exam tomorrow. Its main message is that of the beauty and hope of the Resurrection, but really it says that no matter how bad today is, no matter how long or hard or lonely or depressing or anything, a new day will come and the present will become the past.

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Jenny said...

Addie, thanks so much for sharing this today! It was perfect timing and blessed my life in many ways. Congrats to you and your lucky guy. I'm so ooo happy for you.