Monday, May 2, 2011


So when I started my blog it was because it'd been something I wanted to try out and my roomies basically hog-tied me one morning and did it all for me. That was a fun morning. Lately, my relationship with the blog has been a little lackluster. When my friend Laura found out I'd started a blog she made fun of me to no end! She was just returning the favor really, since that's what I'd done the year or so before when I found out she'd joined the married Mormon world and started one herself. Oh the mocking we enjoyed! By the time mine was up & running she'd let hers go. Now I'm kind of seeing why.

Laura described it well the other day.

"I feel like there's a pressure with blogs to be witty and tell all your innermost thoughts in an artful way.  Definitely don't have time/brainpower for that"


I said in my 1st post that I didn't know what sort of outlet this blog would be for me, but I'm thinking it's in an evolving phase right now. I'm just not enjoying mine as much as others', like my soon-to-be-sister-in-law or Day-o. Those 2 are funny. And they should have blogs.


Rachelle said...

Your soon to be sis in law blog is great! I have been reading it for the past few weeks. Totally love her and I dont even know her! What an amazing woman!

Rachelle said...

Im not interesting in seeing your funny side or your artful side....Im just interested in seeing YOU! Please keep posting

Michelle said...

Amen rachelle! Your blog is sadly the only way I get to see your purty little face and see what's going on in your life! I'm really one to talk since I haven't posted anything for a while but mine will be up and running again in VERY shortly because my new computer is on it's way! YAY! Don't stop posting!

Lexi said...

You could imagine my surprise when the "soon to be sister in law"s blog was MINE! You made my day. And so did ^^ that person. I love reading your posts. I like getting to know you. You already know too much about me.

muwhahaha. Welcome to the family.

Shelise said...

I totally understand. I feel the same weay about blogs sometimes. I've just decided to blog when I feel like it and when I dont feel like it I just back away for a while. Especially the whitty thing. I'm not whitty. I never have been. So I usually just write how I talk normally and if that bugs people or I'm annoying then oh well.

I love reading your blog. Keep it up. I think I can honestly say this is the only way I an keep in contact with you.

( sorry if this is all horrible writing. I'm on kyles I pad and man it is hard to type on this thing)