Tuesday, November 2, 2010

T9Word, you done me wrong

Everyone says that spell-check is making the general population dumber. That may be. But I reached a new low today. I am sitting here (bored out of my mind by the way) writing a history paper on The Evolution of Pharmaceutical Care, and as I type long words like pharmaceutical, practitioner, pharmacist, commitment, etc over & over again, I find I'm slightly miffed that I actually have to type the whole word out & that Word doesn't just guess & provide me with it. Definitely a new level of lazy.


Benjamin Cragun said...

you should know that there are things out there that do exactly what you are asking. They are called text expanders, I think you have to set them up though.

Benjamin Cragun said...

Oooh, I found something really cool. I love google labs. So, the web site is here
the only downside is that you have to type within the browser.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in your Microsoft Word there should be preferences for "Auto Correct." That's how I got through law school lectures!

-Courtney's blog-stalking sister-